10 Ways to detect a “Fake Facebook” Account

1.Ā  Look for photos in the profile.If there is only one photo of the individual in the whole profile it makes it quite clear that the account is fake.

2. Look for status updates,wall posts and comments.If the user hasnā€™t updated a status for quite a long time and hasnā€™t been involved in any wall posting or commenting of other statuses,it means that the profile is likely to be fake.

3. Look at the recent activities.If it is that the user has just been adding randomers and making new friends,and that there are no pages liked or groups joined,it suggests that the user is determined in jst adding people and hence the profile is fake.

4. Check out the friend list.If found that maximum of the friends are of the opposite gender,it can be assumed that the profile is used either for fun or for random dating.

5. Check the info.If found that there is no ideal links given regarding school or education institutions or workplace and that the user is looking for dating and interested in both men and women,it shows signs of fakeness.

6. Check the birth-date.Birth datesĀ like 1/1/XXā€¦..orā€¦ā€¦31/12/XX are common between fake accounts as it is quite unique and easy to type in.

7. Fake profiles of girls usually have a contact no. in their info. Lets face it,girls hardly will have their contact no. in public.So watch out if the user exposes info that is unlikely for general users to unveil in public.

8. Look out for recent wall posts,if u see loads of people askingā€¦ā€™THANKS FOR THE ADDā€¦.DO I KNOW YOUā€™ā€¦ā€¦and yet the posts remains unansweredā€¦it is bound to be a fake one.

9. Look for common traits used in Facebook,like.using applications such as farmville,pet society etcā€¦. and adding siblings.If these traits are not found among the user, the profile is highly inactive or fake.This point canā€™t single handedly prove the fakeness,however this will be a supporting clue along with other points.

10. If you are quite certain about the profileā€™s falseness,and want to be absolutely sure, try browsing Google for some random profile pictures. Fake profile pictures are usually selected from Google and while browsing through it,you might as well come upon the picture the user chose for the fake account.


10 Ways to detect a "Fake Facebook" Account

10 Ways to detect a “Fake Facebook” Account

So this was a minor summary of points to note while detecting a fake account on Facebook.Thus beware of suck fake accounts which may lead to privacy dilemmas or likewise.Hope you people like the article and it benefits you in case you try to detect any suck profileā€¦..!