Complaint Agianst Manas Hosting Company

I was user of manashosting since 2008, but after 2010 i started getting problem.
Many times there sites get down. They block your account for no reason and ask to provide payment proofs again and again. All your clients will be unsatisfied as they take 24-48hrs then to restore.

many times my sites remain down for 4-5 days, and they said its a routine checkup. Ok for us, but will our clients listen this? no way, they will pull money back from us.

Its a curse to take Reseller package from them, as you will never be satisfied with the after sales service. Even the technical staff is full of stupid people, i was asking for problem for issue, web config and permissions and they told its issue of access database, even when access database was not used in site.

There is always one or two persons whenever you call for technical or sales, mostly santosh or priya and they boast of no. 1 company in india… all fake promises

Don’t ever buy manashosting packages.

At time of payment they will call you 4-5 times a day. and will continue untill you make payment. Then no support, nothing. All they want is to suck your money.

it is very difficult to hold my clients now, so i am buying space from some other company, i can no more wait for manashosting.

All those who are fed up with this company can contact me to file a case.

or those who are in delhi can meet personally.

Thank you
God will c you manashosting


Manahosting Reseller packages

Hi friends

Don’t take any thing in any PLAN IN MANASAHOSTING PACKAGES because they are given wrong commitment to us.

I PURCHAGED ON 22-Aug-2012 till now it is not activated.

1) sales team will contact You they promise so many things all are fackpromice

Sales person name is Lavanya.

2) when you pay the amount later no one contact you they needs only for money guys.

3) see they give commitment for oneyear package 4000 they did’t say any tax amount. finally they collect my side amount is 4494/-rs for oneyear package

4) Starting stage only service is like that , in feature we have to face a problem so many things.

5) I am suggest you dont take any packages in Manhaosting One of facke company You can check so many reviews manahosting package.