Why Facebook Comments Box is Important for your Website SEO?

RKS Technologies also provide Facebook Comments Box integration service for our website. Facebook Comments Box is a great social plugin for SMM (Social Media Marketing)that fortunately now works just perfect with blogger and WordPress. One should be ware of the most advantages of all tools, he is planning to use to make his web experience a more favorable one. For webmasters like us traffic is the fruit of our hard work and to get this fruit we try all possible methods. Today we will explain 7 most important advantages of using this great social plugin. See the our this website for the example.

1- Traffic Booster

When any user decides to leave a comment at your website or blog using the Facebook comments box, At that time he has 2 option to post or not to post the same comment on his Facebook profile’s wall. By default it is active for all visitor when he choose. If chooses the option the this is how your Post or Page will be appears on his profile.

Facebook Comments Box

Facebook Comments Box Service

One┬á visitor can also click the “Like” link under another visitor’s comment. This way your Posts are circulated widely over Facebook which is the largest Social media network with 500 Million active users.

2- Multiple Platform Commenting Option

Your visitors on your website or Blog, No more needs to log into blogger or create an open ID. They can comment using either their Facebook Profile, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo!. Almost every online user in the world uses at least one of these services. So you visitors are provided with multiple options to post their good comments for you.

Multiple Platform Commenting Option

Multiple Platform Commenting Option

3- Receive New Blog Comments Notification on Facebook

Whenever any visitor comment is left on any of your posts or page, You will be notified via Facebook Notification system. Same is true, when a comment is liked or responded by another visitor or reader. The readers are also notified of replies made on their comments at your blog.

4- Threaded Comments

Your readers no more need to feel neglected because you no more need to reply them all at once. Rather you can pay them proper attention by replying to each reader under their comments. This way a comment thread is set up which further makes the conversation more useful and fun!

5- No Spam Comments Possible Now

You will get more relevant comments with no spam as users will have to use their personal IDs to leave a comment and spam robots are surely incapable of doing that.

6- Delete Comments Easily Without Leaving Window

In Blogger comment form to delete a comment you need to click the trash icon and the you are taken to a separate window where you select the option of deleting the comment permanently. But With Facebook comment box you Delete comments just the way you delete comments on your Facebook profile by a click of a mouse.

7- All links are by default no follow

The links left on your comment box are by default tagged as nofollow and according to the Facebook developers search engine robots can not crawl the content of your comments as the plugin is enclosed inside a iframe(HTML Tag) where robots can not enter to crawl data. This way the quality of your content in the eyes of search engines will increase because the robots will have to crawl only the body of your posts and not the distracting comments.