Facebook Page Management (Starting at ÓĄ░ 7,500 per month)

RKS Technologies helps brands to engage and grow their Facebook audiences via community management and offers brand protection via moderation. We have tailored Facebook Page management packages in all the major Hindi & English languages to our clients, who can choose from all or any of the following elements:

Facebook Page consultancy

We can advise on all aspects of Facebook management: how to set up your Page; deal with unofficial Pages; write your terms of use and moderation guidelines; help prepare escalation workflows, and recommend a moderation schedule. See our Social media consultancy page for more information on our services.

Facebook Page management packages

Facebook Page management packages

Facebook Management

Friendly Facebook Page management creates an engaging online experience and sets the right tone of voice for your brand. We offer two levels of multilingual Page management.  We offer Facebook management in all the major European languages and Chinese, and can source more languages on request.

Level 1: Strategic and editorial Page management: ongoing strategic input; seeding to other communities; content creation and posting; reporting; visible facilitation; member engagement and response; answering or forwarding queries and complaints as the brand representative.

Level 2: Engagement management: content posting; reporting; member engagement and response; invisible moderation; forwarding queries and complaints to your in-house sales and customer services teams.

See our community management section for further detail.

Facebook Moderation

We also offer 24/7 stand-alone multilingual Facebook Page moderation, both of the Page Timeline and also user generated content coming into the page via third party apps. We take care to match Facebook Page moderation staff carefully to each project, so ÔÇô depending on your PageÔÇÖs focus ÔÇô you may find it looked after by a team of sports fans, a clutch of kidÔÇÖs TV enthusiasts or a kitchen full of home-makers. We can provide Facebook moderation in around 50 different languages.

Facebook moderation and management tools

We strongly recommend the use of a Facebook moderation and page management tool. Using a tool enables flagging and auto deletion of blacklisted content and greatly increases the efficiency of moderating and reporting. Content management systems allow for scheduled posting of multimedia content across social media platforms.

Using these tools, we are able to provide accurate sentiment analysis, provide comprehensive reports on Page activity and spot an emerging crisis. RKS Technologies is platform-neutral: which tool we recommend and the pricing depends on the individual client needs.

Please talk to us about the advantages of managing all your social network profiles from the same base using an editorial calendar appropriate for each channel.

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