Facebook & SEO Tips: 5 Ways To Optimize Your Business Page

If you are having a Facebook business page for your business is a great first step, but to truly maximize it fast as a marketing machine and capitalize on the quality promotional power that Facebook offers, business owners need to successfully optimize their pages using proven SEO tactics and strategies. hence you can also increase your Facebook business page’s PR (Page Rank™).

Facebook vs Google

Facebook vs Google

Optimizing Tips for transforming your Facebook Page

If you’re ready to transform your existing Facebook business page into an effectively optimized promotional resource, read on. Incorporating these 5 critical SEO techniques can help ensure that your organization is operating at the top of its Facebook game.

Tip #1 – It is must to consider your featured photos:

You may want to renovate your top five featured photos feed to ensure that visitors see your images in the order you want them to see them, each and every time they check your page out. These images can refresh each time you add a photo, or you can set them to present a fixed, branded visual to captivate your visitors.

Tip #2 – Maximum Tag & Hash Tag (i.e. #SEO) your followers & Friends:

Speaking of pictures, be sure to also tag your posted Facebook photos as needed with the names of your followers. The tagging fun doesn’t stop there; also tag fans directly in your posts by using the “@” symbol before the client’s name that you’re connecting with. This will instantly let them (and their entire network) see your update.

Tip #3 – Sprinkle keywords throughout your page:

Keywords are still a magnet for search engine visibility. Occasionally use naturally-placed keywords in your status updates, photo descriptions, and overall communication to boost your page’s SEO benefit.

Tip #4 – Maximize the value of your page’s left-side panel:

On the left side of every Facebook page is a list of links that can be displayed for every viewer to see. Adding relevant links such as “events,” “photos,” “discussions,” etc. can make your most important business information easily accessible to your clients. Remember, only 8 links can be viewed at a time before the panel requires visitors to click a “More” drop down menu…choose your links wisely.

Tip #5 – Embrace the vanity URL:

Never settle for the standard issue Facebook URL that comes with opening your account; Facebook vanity URL’s offers business owners the chance to quickly direct users to an easy to remember link that can also help enhance brand recognition.