Get ready for next Google panda update

Matt Cutts recently confirmed that new panda update is coming this Friday or Monday. And it is going to kick off those who are spamming the web by unnatural ways.

Honestly, if you are not doing anything wrong, you will be good; but if you are doing wrong, you could be the next to be kicked off.

He also said that by the end of this year Very large penguin update would be there to help prevent Google from spammers.  Besides this, he also confirmed that they would be kicking off 1-2 link networks, which they have been spying for a long time.

Attention all the link networks!

As a joke, Matt also spoke about the spammers who are targeting large organizations, especially those whose online security isn’t good. Is your site secured? If not, make sure it is or you could be the next.

Matt recommended using the “Fetch as Googlebot” tool so that your site looks same to you as Google can see it. On the internet, there are a bunch of websites with spam on them that contain links going out to other spam sites, which you can’t see unless you look at the code of the website. According to Google, top 50 university sites have link to “cheap viagra pills” on their homepages. And, to help such websites Google is sending them emails from GWT.

So, the better is you keep checking Google webmaster tools for such emails because it could be very helpful in keeping your online reputation alive. Finally, we are a few days far from next Google panda update.

Good luck!