SEOmoz or SEOprofiler? Which is best for small websites?

Which tool should small websites use to monitor SEO optimisation? I am currently using SEOmoz to optimise a few of my websites, but the cost of $99 a month is hurting. I do get good data from SEOmoz, but it’s hard to say I get value for money.

SEOprofiler seems to have been working hard this year to overtake SEOmoz as the most functional monitoring and analysis tool, but have they managed to do that? At $19 a month for the basic account and $49 a month for the same level account I now have with SEOmoz, it looks very attractive. But will it deliver comparable data and analysis?

Anyone used both? Any strong preference for one or the other?




You may find some idea from following answers –

  • SEOProfiler has a few more tools but for what you get I if I used either any more would stick to SEOmoz. I dislike the inaccuracies of both.
  • In general I think its a matter of your budget and/or what you want to do in detail. What are the specs you are looking for? Maybe both offer more than you need and that then you would invest more than you need.
  • I find tools to be overrated for “small websites.” There is so much work that one needs to do to develop strong SEO, and to focus on that work keeps the progress moving more than trying to constantly measure and compare. There is a time in SEO development that tools become essential, yet that is often far past the point that most people start turning to them and depending upon them.
  • Ken, good point. Although I’ve been considering those tools myself. Do they tell you where to get links? Or do you still have to figure that out yourself? I use Majestic SEO and it tells me about the backlinks of competitors etc. so I don’t need that. Onsite Explorer of Seomoz does the same thing but has different results I noticed.
  • I’m in a highly competitive space where I am chasing long-tail keyword phrases rather than going head to head. As a small site, the budget is obviously small too. As I said, I have got benefit from SEOmoz, just not enough to justify the ongoing cost. SEOprofiler is looking quite good but I will check out linkdex. Was not terribly impressed with MajesticSEO.