Acceptance of Terms

Your use of this website means that you are in agreement with our terms and conditions. Our website is not to be used for anything that is prohibited or unlawful under these terms and conditions. The use of this website means that you fully accept the terms, conditions and disclaimers displayed in the content. If you are not in agreement with the terms and conditions, you should not use this website.

Web Design Services

We carry out web design services which include Joomla CMS design, conversion of a website to Joomla and the creation of a customized website; however, our services can also be modified without notice.

Fees and Payment

a.Our fees needs to be paid in US dollars
b.Depending on the project, we may require you to make a down payment or full payment
c.Our fees for designing any website usually vary depending on the design that is to be carried out
d.The payment methods we accept are PayPal and other major credit cards.

The Scope of Work

You understand that website development and design involves specific functionality and features. The agreement you make with us will involve a list of the specific functionality and features that you want to be included in what we are doing for you. Therefore, if you need additional functionality or features in the future, we may charge you additional fees. This means that any additional work that you request, which is not part of the initial scope of work will attract additional charges.

Intellectual Property

We respect every intellectual property, whether yours or the trademarked and copyrighted content of other people. Therefore, we will not use trademarked or copyrighted materials when designing your website. At the same time, it is your responsibility to ensure that anything you submit to us is free from any trademark protection or copyright, and if you use any copyrighted material, it is your responsibility to get permission for the trademark or copyright owner.

International Use

As the Internet has made the world to become a global village, you agree to follow all the local laws concerning acceptable content and online conduct. This means that you agree that you will follow the:

a.Laws and regulations related to how personal data is collected and processed. The personal data also includes what is transferred from one country to another
b.The laws and regulations related to how personal data is transmitted from the US or the country in which you live

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The website that we deliver to you will be on the ÔÇťas isÔÇŁ basis, without any endorsement or representation made, and without any warranty implied. In addition, we will not assume responsibility or be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage in connection with or arising from the use of your website.

We do not make any warranty that the functioning of your website will not be interrupted, that your website will not contain viruses, or that any defects will be corrected.

Illegal Websites

Our web design services relate to websites carrying out lawful activities on the internet. We do not work with websites which encourage terrorism, child pornography and other acts which go against international laws.

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