Top 5 Google Places Optimization Strategies For Website

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Google Places Optimization Tips

Choose five or more strong keyword phrases for your website. You should use Google AdWords to look up keywords and compare search volumes. If possible, choose keywords your competitors are not using unless you want to be in direct competition with other sites. Place your keywords on your website to help search engine spiders identify your topics. Your keywords will be more noticeable if you place them in your title tags, alt tags and the anchor text of your links. You should also go through your HTML pages and add keywords to your meta tags, meta description and your URLs.

local business listing

local business listing

Take the time to optimize the content search engine spiders cannot read. Optimize your images with alt tags and write descriptions or transcripts for your videos. Search engine spiders will not be able to analyze Flash or Java Script content, which means you should not use Java Script to create interactive menus. You should also avoid using an image for your background or for your header to make your pages easier to interpret.

Stay up to date with new Google Places Optimization trends. Search engines are always looking for new ways to index and rank websites, which means you will have to keep up and use new Google Places Optimization techniques to optimize your website. You should subscribe to a few Google Places Optimization newsletters or read blogs written by Google Places Optimization experts to learn about the latest techniques. Monitor your results by comparing your ranking for different keywords and using a visitor counter to keep track of how much traffic you get.

You should use these Google Places Optimization tips to optimize your website and improve your ranking in search results. Do more research on efficient Google Places Optimization techniques so you can keep improve your Google Places Optimization campaign.