WordPress vs Blogger 2013 Comparison : Which is Best for SEO?

Blogspot/blogger is easier to get up and running, but has fewer options. Personally I like Blogger because it is free.No need Self Hosting. When you get more than Thousands Visitors per Day then you need to change your Blogging platform from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress if you like ( Migration from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress is very Easy ).

Blogger  WordPress

Blogger WordPress

So, I Prefer Blogger/Blogspot Who don’t know How to build their own Blog\Website to Start Making Money Online with Google Adsense and Affiliates Programs.

I have used blogger and WordPress and I prefer WordPress Because lots of Customization and Plug-in available for the WordPress. Community Support of the WordPress is Amazing. If you have any Problem in WordPress just Google it,  Mostly Solution found in short time.

Uses of Plug-ins are Very Easy and Useful for Comment Spam Detection, SEO, Change Comment Section from Stock to disqus.com , Create Sitemap, Social Sharing etc.

Uses of Yoast SEO Plug-in live on WP Post Editor is Very Useful for the SEO.

But WordPress is Difficult for the Beginners Bloggers, Theme Customization and other Stuff required more time Compare to the Blogger/Blogspot. Post Editor of  WordPress is not So good Compare to Blogger for Text and Image editing.

Blogger third-party Templates is not good , Many Problem Occurs like I personally can’t add some third-party Widgets but it easily add-on Stock Templates.

WordPress vs blogger

WordPress vs blogger

Advantage Of  Blogger

  1. Free Domain ( .blogspot.com)
  2. Customization of  Domain is Easy ( by adding CNAME on Domain Host Account )
  3. No need Self-Hosting (  Biggest Advantage )
  4. Blog Page Load Very Fast (   Blogger Service from Google )
  5. Photos Upload from Picasa Web Albums
  6. Create a Post Very Easily With Powerful Post Editor
  7. Backup Blog Very Easily
  8. Less Hacking and Spam Problem ( Comment Spam Detection is Very Powerful )
  9. Mention people in your posts with Google+
  10. New and improved Blogger Mobile Apps

Advantage Of  WordPress

  1. Maximum Customization
  2. lots of Paid and Free Themes Available
  3. Plug-ins ( Biggest advantage )
  4. Best Community Support
  5. lots of  Tutorials found on net and YouTube
  6. Full Website/Blog Backup ( with Self-Hosting Auto Backup also Available )
  7. More Specific SEO Option Available
  8. Custom Categories, Tags and Designs
  9. SEO Friendly
  10. Import Post from Many Platforms

Best For SEO

I Personally Prefer WordPress for SEO over Blogger/Blogspot because Blogger does not have any internal SEO Customization tool , Meta tags, Meta Description not add Specifically for all the Posts.

WordPress plug-ins like XML Sitemap, Metas and SEO tools Help in SEO.

WordPress is Mainly Host On Hosting Company like Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, Ipage, Justhost, Dreamhost. Cost for the Hosting is around $4-8 per Month. Many Advantage of Self-Hosting WordPress over Blogger/Blogspot like Blog never Deleted if it hacked because Full Auto Backup of Blog found on Hosting Account. Many Times Google Banned Blogger/Blogspot Blog for Spamming.